Parent Teacher Conferences

Students do better in school when parents are involved in their academic lives. Attending parent-teacher conferences is a very important way for you to be involved and help your child succeed.

A parent-teacher conference is a great opportunity to:

  • start or continue ongoing conversations with your child's teacher
  • learn how to help your kids do their best in school
  • let your child know that what goes on in school will be shared at home

Get ready for a parent-teacher conference by making a list of the questions you want to ask. A prepared parent with a positive attitude and an open mind is on the right track for creating a successful, year-long partnership with your child's teacher.

Schools Fall Dates Fall Times Spring Dates Spring Times
Appleton Community 4K Weeks of:
October 11
October 18
Specific days and times set by each 4K site Weeks of:
February 15
February 21
Specific days and times set by each 4K site
Appleton Public Montessori October 12
October 14
Badger Elementary October 14
October 19
Berry Elementary October 11
October 12
October 14
Classical (Elem) October 12
October 13
October 14
Dunlap October 14
February 10
May 12