Teen Parent Support

Tenn Parent

Primary Role

The School-Age Parent Program (SAPAR) offers support and educational services to teens who are facing the challenges of pregnancy and parenting. The program includes specialized classes, tutoring, individual counseling, support groups, and assistance with childcare and transportation arrangements on an as-needed basis.


  • Initiate the school-age parent contact and provide information regarding the program
  • Enroll the school-age parents in SAPAR classes to assist in arranging tutoring for educational support
  • Facilitate staffing for the school-age parent in order to develop a transitional education plan and assess the need for homebound
  • Offer individual counseling in the areas of problem solving, decision making and goal setting
  • Provide individual support and co-facilitate a support group for school-age parents
  • Assist with child care and transportation arrangements and assess the need for financial assistance
  • Refer school-age parents to community, county and hospital services


The SAPAR coordinator and teacher, along with other student services staff, provide a team approach in meeting the special needs of school-age parents.

Provision of Services

The School-Age Parent Program provides support and educational services to all school-age parents, male and female, in the district.


Teen Parent Brochure


Sarah Reis
(920) 997-1399 *2164