Nearly 90% Schools Ranked Excellent for Wellness

Nearly 90% Schools Ranked Excellent for Wellness
Posted on 04/12/2021
The Appleton Area School District scored excellent in 8 of 8 School Health Index (SHI) categories. The district exceeds the state average in all 8 SHI categories. The district’s overall score increased by 2.58% from 86.63% in 2018-19 to 89.21% in 2019-20.

Check out each school's ranking here.

Promoting healthy and safe behaviors among students provide young people with the knowledge and skills needed to become healthy and productive adults. Improving student health and safety can increase students’ capacity to learn, reduce absenteeism and improve physical fitness and mental alertness.

Per our School Wellness Policy 458, each school completes an assessment tool (Action for Healthy Kids) based on the School Health Index (SHI). The purpose of the assessment is for schools to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their health and safety policies and programs, and develop action plans for improving student health.

The Action for Healthy Kids Wellness Assessment examines eight aspects of the school wellness environment:

1. School Wellness Environment
2. School Meals
3. Other School Food
4. Health Education
5. Physical Education
6. Physical Activity
7. Staff Involvement
8. Family and Community Involvement

The report compared AFHK schools in the district and state, and identified opportunities for growth. The SHI score indicates if a school provides an environment where students are healthy, active and ready to learn.

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