A Message to Our Families & Our Community

A Message to Our Families & Our Community
Posted on 06/19/2020
The senseless killings of George Floyd and other Black and Brown people serve as powerful reminders of the profound impact that racial inequities, biases, and injustices have on our world, our country, and our own Appleton community. 

We join with City of Appleton Mayor Woodford and Police Chief Thomas in our commitment to build meaningful connections within our community that promote equity and inclusion for all.  

We understand that we have much work to do as we move forward together, but we are committed to ensuring that all students, and community members, are treated with dignity and respect. Our schools will continue to be a safe and welcoming space for all.

To assist our families, we have provided some initial resources to help engage in conversations about how race and racial injustice impact our community and our world. Conversations that take place at home are an important element to creating a school culture, and community culture, where all people are treated with dignity and respect.    

These resources have been reviewed and recommended by the AASD Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Department. All resources can be found on their website. 

We will continue to share relevant resources to our families and staff in the coming months. More importantly, we will continue to share how we will embed diversity, equity, and inclusion into our work and our everyday lives as human beings, educators, and representatives of the district.