Past Projects


2015/2016 Annual Review of Projects  

The Candylier Project
Business Client: Crazy Sweet with owners Dale and Mary Ver Voort 

Student Reflection: In the winter, Dale came to the Willems Student Marketing team with a project proposal to build a chandelier made of candy to hang in their store. Jennifer Nelson and I started making a plan to put together the chandelier, and we worked with Mary to design it. We started by gluing candy to the chandelier from their shop. We experimented with many different colors of candy by simply placing them onto the chandelier, and we had to also experiment with how we could attach the candy to the chandelier. We also took taffy pieces and attached them onto string and hung them down from the chandelier along with a big lollipop. We mainly used jelly beans, airheads and juju coins to decorate the chandelier. We made sure to use a variety of colors and candy to give it the colorful and fun feel that Dave and Mary wanted. We worked very hard and paid special attention to detail for this project because it was so unique. 

Client Benefit: This project benefited Crazy Sweet because they really wanted a centerpiece to decorate their store. This project helped them come closer to the original inspiration for the interior of their store which is Dylan’s Candy Bar. They wanted a piece in their store that they could use to bring more customers in which we provided for them. 

The One Stop Elf Shop Retail Enterprise
Business Client:  Appleton Downtown Inc with businesses owners on College Avenue

Store Merchandising Project
Student Reflection: This fall, the entire Willems Student Marketing Team came together to rekindle the pop up Christmas shop in downtown Appleton for kids to shop at for their parents for the holiday season called One Stop Elf Shop. The client asked me to be a lead in the interior design group of the shop.  Together as a group we created the layout of the shop, gathered decorations from donors and decorated the shop as well as placed directional posters around the city center. My job was to make sure every task was completed by the deadline which we achieved. We used many different Christmas themed decorations to turn the multipurpose room into the perfect Christmas shop. During the shop’s business time we also had to make sure all of the restocking was put in the correct places, and we were responsible for moving the displays based on layout needs and merchandise. When the holiday season ended, my team was responsible for taking down all decorations and cleaning the room. 

Client Benefit: This project benefited Appleton Downtown Incorporated because this shop is a very good way to bring together lots of shops downtown for the holidays, and we helped make this possible. It also benefited them as well as our marketing team because it was our first major project, and ADI enjoys working with our team so it was perfect that we had the time to focus on this project. This project was perfect for ourselves and Appleton Downtown Incorporated because we got to work with people we normally wouldn’t. 

Inventory Management Project 
Student Reflection: For the One Stop Elf Shop I was given the task of coordinating inventory flow for the store as well as creating a system for monitoring inventory and store sales. For coordinating inventory I went to the local businesses that showed interest in taking part of the event. Those that wanted to participate sent the team an email. I was then tasked with picking up the inventory they wished to be sold. The most difficult task was creating a system to monitor inventory and store sales. To accomplish this task I created an electronic system that made the process much simpler. The final task was creating a spreadsheet of all items sold for each individual shop then bringing back the leftover inventory then bringing them spreadsheets. 

Client Benefit: This benefited ADI due to the fact that I stocked all the inventory for the store. I also created a system which would give them the best opportunity to succeed in the shop. I was also in charge of monitoring the inventory for the stores so it was something that ADI didn't have to worry about.

Elf Shop Media AdvisoryElf Shop
Student Reflection: Late November of 2015, I was asked to write a media advisory for the One Stop Elf Shop: a seasonal pop up shop that opens in downtown Appleton for kids to purchase gifts for their parents. This was its second year running and it still needed the help of the media to attract new customers. The ADI Staff as well as Kathy, a senior PR specialist from Willems, helped me with writing the advisory. They said that it should almost be like a story to appeal to parents and families. The advisory had to be short and keep the main points of the Elf Shop and it had to be finished in time to send it out two or so weeks before the opening of the store.This was an exciting project for me since I’m interested in going into public relations. I first looked at media advisory templates and samples to see just exactly how an advisory was formatted and what it is composed of. After writing my first version, I had Kathy look it over and give me suggestions and feedback. Two more drafts later, and the advisory was sent out to the media leading to coverage on Fox 11 news and an article in the Post Crescent.

Client Benefit: This project benefited not only ADI And Willems, it also put the spotlight on the Student Marketing Team a little bit. People who were not aware of the Elf Shop now were since it was shown on the news. Since the Willems name was attached to the Elf Shop, it showed how Willems believed in young people and giving opportunities to students. 

Career Based Learning Video Series 
Business Client: Appleton Area School District with Rita O’Brien 

Student Reflection: For the Career Based Learning videos, the team was asked to create videos in order to raise awareness about CBL across the district. To do this we looked into examples of teachers putting CBL into action. The first video that we created focused on the SOAR basketball game. The second video we created was an elementary school teacher informing her students on the different career opportunities they have and how it applies to different lessons. The students loved how they could relate the lessons and it helped inspire them to work harder. We have also created a simpler and standard brand image that we apply to each of our videos. 

Student Reflection: My client Rita asked me and my team of marketers to create three videos for the AASD website. We had to create a video for elementary, middle school, and then one for high school. All of them had to have good examples of career based learning. We went to the schools in order to film teachers and students. Interviewing them for the video was also very important. The hardest part of making the videos was matching up the audio and video. Using movie maker made the entire project go much smoother, and allowed us to finish it before our deadline. The videos we did turned out very well and are in use on the AASD website today. We gave them a free alternative to other marketing firms that would do the same thing but for a large cost. Our videos will help make other school systems aware of the benefits of career based learning.

Client Benefit: This project benefited our clients in that we helped the AASD spread a CBL message across the district and in our community.  We created an easily replicable model that can be replicated after we graduate. Our videos will serve as a great teaching tool that teachers can use to integrate into their studies. 

Mental Health Awareness Month Promotion
Business Client: The National Association for Mental Illness of the Fox Valley and Fox Cities Leadership Team 

Student Reflection: The month of May is known nationally as Mental Health Awareness month. NAMI of the Fox Valley plays a crucial role in making this month a movement in the city of Appleton and surrounding areas. When the organization realized that they could not handle all of the responsibilities of promoting this movement on the level they wanted to, they turned to the Willems Student Marketing Team for help. When working with NAMI, my peers and I focused on a variety of promotional tactics to raise awareness. As my peers worked on radio advertisements and social media strategies, I designed a variety of visual pieces. Graphics that I worked with NAMI to create may now be seen as billboards on Interstate 41, inside local buses, as posters, and as floor banners in the Fox River Mall. 

Client Benefit: The team’s involvement with this project helped elevate the Mental Health Awareness movement in substantial ways. Without our team, NAMI would have needed to contact outside agencies to complete the work we did for them. The graphics I lead the design process of were of professional quality and will greatly raise awareness of mental illness in the Fox Valley.

Mental Health Awareness Month: Social Media Calendar and Tips

Student Reflection: NAMI Fox Valley approached the Willems Student Marketing Team to help create awareness of their Stand Up Against Stigma campaign during the month of May, which is also Mental Health Awareness Month. They asked for the students to create four billboard concepts, four PSAs, and to assist with social media throughout the campaign. I worked with four other students to research the most efficient ways to utilize social media for a campaign, and then applied these findings to our specific project. We presented our ideas to the leaders of the campaign and used their feedback to refurbish our original ideas to fit their needs and wants. Moving forward, we prepared an ongoing social media calendar for the month of May that organized and planned social media posts. These posts were meant to be both informative and engaging. We took advantage of all the features social media has to offer, such as polls, analytics, and boosting. 

Client Benefit: The work my group and I produced for NAMI Fox Valley benefited their campaign by creating a substantial following and awareness of the campaign. In addition, it took some of the pressure off of the campaign coordinators so that they were able to focus on more logistic and planning concepts. Overall the campaign ran very smoothly and was a success in the Fox Valley. 

Mental Health Awareness Month Public Service Announcements 

Student Reflection: May is mental health awareness month and NAMI, National Alliance on Mental Illness, came to Willems in hopes to get the word out. My group of three others and I were tasked with creating public service announcements that would be aired on the radio. NAMI let us have free range with all aspects of the project. We decided that we would like to make the announcement personal. We contacted four NAMI members, all of different ages, backgrounds and different illnesses/challenges to conduct interviews. We prepared a list of questions to ask all interviewee and began to learn about everyone's story. After all the interviews were done we condensed all the information that was said into a script. As the interviewees each had a unique and personal story each PSA was different. Willems students then had the opportunity to record the PSA at two local radio stations! 

Client Benefit: This project not only benefited NAMI but also thousands of others. By creating these PSA people all over Wisconsin will learn more about mental health awareness and if needed, get help. I also learned much more about mental health awareness throughout this process and believe I am much more of a aware, educated and thoughtful person because of it. NAMI benefited from our work as we created the PSAs however everyone who hears it will be gaining much more! 

NAMI Billboard Design

Student Reflection: The client asked my group and I to create a billboard graphic. This would be used to put on the highway and transferred into a floor graphic. These graphics would also be used on a bus and as flyers. My group and I created these billboards and flyers. After some back and forth with the client. We finally finalized the graphics and the clients were happy. We made a few adjustments, but it was just a formatting issue. 

Client Benefit: We created billboards and graphics that they could use. This work that we did saved them valuable time. Overall they were impressed so we increased how well looked upon NAMI was. 

Salon CTI
Project:  Salon CTI V.I.P. Rewards Program

Student Reflection: Salon CTI asked my team and me to create a loyalty program for their company. Specifically, the company was looking to grow their popularity among students in the Fox Valley. The idea my company and I came up with was to provide special deals to students that purchased a loyalty card. The deals this card gave them were money to be spent in store after three visits, or a discounted dinner at The Melting Pot restaurant. In order to make this card appealing, I made it metallic. The card was very pleasing to the eye and had a very neat feel to it.

Client Benefit: By designing this card, the Salon was able to reach more students in the Fox Valley. The promotion of the card alone was enough to advertise their company, whether a purchase of the card was made or not. This project gave the Salon the opportunity to build their image in the community, and especially among local youth. 

S.O.A.R. Basketball Game
Business Client: AASD Teachers and Key Club Advisors/Mrs. Bruce and Mrs. Pynenberg

Student Reflection: Mrs. Bruce and Mrs. Pynenberg asked my partner and I to help market a special needs basketball game. The first thing we did for this event was create a logo for the t-shirts that would be sold at the game. Then we had to use Photoshop to make a banner that was put up at many middle schools. We also had to take pictures of all the participants to build a profile for them. Each player was put on the program, which was made by another team member. Overall, we had a lot of work that had to be done for this project. 

Client Benefit: Our work on this project benefited our clients very much. They had limited funds for the game, so us doing it for free helped them out a lot. We also helped build awareness for SOAR, and will attract more players for next year.

Student Reflection: For the SOAR basketball game, Jake Miller and I were in charge of coordinating several different aspects of the event. The first thing we had to coordinate was was acquiring sponsors. To do this, we wrote sponsorship letters and went to local businesses for their support. This was an ongoing process that raised $550 for the organization. The next step was to redevelop the old logo, and create marketing pieces. We made several posters and a video to promote. With all of those aspects done, we had to help make sure the event ran smooth. 

Client Benefit: This helped the our client because in us doing the majority of the work they were able to do some of the logistics that are not always seen. Plus, they are both teachers and for them to have to balance a project like this and teach full time would be a lot to handle. 

Friends of Memorial Gardens Logo Redesign
Client: Kathy Voight and Memorial Gardens Volunteers

Memorial Gardens
Student Reflection: Kathy and a group of Memorial Gardens volunteers came to the Willems Student Marketing team with a project proposal about redesigning their logo. I and a team of two other students, Khue and Jen, were asked to make the logo more about the Friends group rather than the actual Gardens themselves since the logo was going to promote their team.

Kathy gave us a survey of what people saw as the most significant figures of the Garden to help with our initial logo concepts. We met with the group for the first time so they could view our first designs and give us their feedback. After a long discussion about different design elements and narrowing down what the logo should really be, the team started over while only keeping some elements of our original logos. Using Photoshop, we kept the look of an arbor, a vine, and a playful yet friendly and warm font with green tones. Both logos are slightly different due to the spacing of the arbor: one behind the words, one to the side of them. This logo redesign took place from January to early May with the Friends group voting on which logo they liked the best. 

Client Benefit: This project benefited the client because they had a new, fresh logo that truly represented the Friends group rather than the Gardens as a whole. It also gave the members of the Friends group a chance to see what high school students are capable of. Not many people think about going to young students with projects like these so it was a new experience for them that ultimately ended up very well. The clients also benefited from the fact that they knew their ideas were being listened to and taken seriously and that we tried to incorporate everything they had to tell us. 

American Education Week
Client: Appleton Area School District

Student Reflection: The superintendent of the Appleton Area School District, Mr. Lee Allinger, contacted the Willems Student Marketing Team in an effort to rejuvenate American Education Week for the fall of 2016. In previous years, the school district had done fairly modest things during this week to thank the community for supporting the schools. This had included all students applauding at the same time during the school day, handing our AASD stickers, and bringing a few community members into the classrooms to interact with the students.

However, Mr. Allinger wanted to find a more effective way of thanking the community and increasing this community interaction. After meeting with him and a few other administrators, a fellow student and I began researching what other schools have done and brainstormed what would work best for Appleton. We then compiled our ideas into a final plan and created a two-part event. The first part was a way to thank the community by implementing a community clean up by the students at all schools. The second part was an art gala, which is a way for community members to engage with students and see what work they are doing inside the schools. 

Client Benefit: Our renewed ideas for the 2016 American Education Week benefited AASD, because it gave the administrators a new perspective on how to thank the community. It also provided them with insight on how we, as high schoolers, see this week being the most effective. Once we had presented our ideas to a variety of AASD faculty, they began to pull pieces from the presentation that they could use as foundation for growing American Education Week in Appleton for years to come. 

ADI 25th Anniversary Event 
Client: Appleton Downtown Inc. Staff 

Student Reflection: ADI hosted a large celebration for their 25th anniversary event this year. The space lacked decor and was in need of fun centerpieces that reflected ADI’s work. The team had access to a large amount of Legos and thought Lego centerpieces would be fun! We liked this idea as the theme of the event was “building downtown”, and the Legos reflected this perfectly. The ADI staff gave us only one requirement, have the number 25 somewhere in the display. The team of three and I made three prototypes all displaying different ideas. ADI staff ended up choosing a box made of legos that had 25 shown on both sides. We immediately began building, as we had to make thirty boxes and each took roughly forty five minutes each. All of the centerpieces were different sizes and colors. After the event, ADI sent out a big thank you and said the displays were a huge hit! 

Client Benefit:This project benefited the ADI staff in many different ways. They are a small business that works on multiple projects and simply does not have the time to construct the centerpieces. The Willems team was able to tackle the centerpieces while they work on other work. ADI was also looking for an inexpensive way to make the centerpieces and by using the Legos they achieved this as there was no cost. 

Birth-Five logo redesign
Client: Birth-Five team


Student Reflection: The client asked me to create a logo for them. They didn’t ask for a revised logo because they didn’t have any logo to begin with. After brainstorming with their group, I came to them with a few designs. They asked me to change the font and color scheme of the logo. Following a few emails back and forth, they came in to finalize the logo. A few problems occurred with the logo, but I was able to use Photoshop in front of them and make changes on-demand. After revisions were made, I sent them the final copy.

Client Benefit:The project benefited the client because they had direct impact on what they wanted. This allowed them to market their company with a logo that people would be able to recognize with. Finally, they were able to get a nice looking logo in a short period of time for free. 

The Marigold Mile Website
Client: The Marigold Mile Community Team 

Student Reflection: The client first met with me and showed me their previous website; it was extremely outdated and very unconventional. The client wanted me to improve the design and add numerous features to the new website. The client requested a place to put new videos and pictures and also a way to let people know what the Marigold Mile was currently doing. They also needed a way for people to donate to the Marigold Mile through the website. To meet the client’s needs, I utilized WordPress, an easy and customizable way to create a website with a blog. To create the WordPress website, I first had to create a theme for the WordPress website to utilize. I learned HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript in order to create a custom theme for the website. Later, I installed plugins for the website, such as a plugin named “Give” which allowed people to donate through the website. After the foundations of the website were done, I transferred the data from the old website to the new website.

Client Benefit: The project greatly benefited the client since they had a new, modern website to use which was extremely easy to update with new information. The previous website was very outdated in both, design and information. The new website had a slick new Marigold-inspired theme, a blog for the Marigold Mile to let people know what they were up to, and a way for people to easily donate through the website.

2016 Lightning Bolt Explosion Program Design
Client: The Lightning Bolt Explosion 

Student Reflection: The client, an event coordinator from the Lightning Bolt Explosion cheer leading event, needed me to design and create the program for the 2016 event. They required me to organize all the 2016 sponsors onto the program and create neat and orderly designs for each page.

I was also required to create some ads for the food during the event and the various things the event was selling (raffles, roses, etc). I used Photoshop to first create the template for all the pages. Some pages had a unique template due to the nature of the sponsor ad on the page, but most had the default template. I then proceeded to find unique and creative wallpapers on the internet, which I then used as backgrounds on the program’s pages. The final step was organizing the sponsors onto the pages. I had to find ways to maintain the page size of each ad while making sure that each page was good looking. In the end, I had also designed an ad for Willems Student Marketing to be put on the program.

Client Benefit:The sponsor greatly benefited from the project; they were very impressed with the new program. The program was better designed than the previous one, and was very easy to read. Overall, the program was well received and the clients and the people who received the program were satisfied with it.