Athletic Official Payments

Athletic Officials Payment Info

Beginning with the 2017-2018 school year, the Appleton Area School District will be transitioning all payments to athletic officials from paper checks to ACH/direct deposit. To ensure timely payment for events worked, please review, complete and return the ACH Authorization Form and W-9 to the District’s Business Services department prior to officiating your first event. Your paperwork may be returned via fax, email or mail. 

The payment schedule be will from Monday to Sunday for payment the following week. The District will be processing payments on Friday each week. You will receive an email notification when the payment is processed. You can expect to see the amount deposited into your bank account one to two business days after processing. It is your responsibility to notify the District if you make changes to your banking information.

To receive payment, you will be required to complete the top portion of the payment voucher. The vouchers will be available at all Appleton Area School District middle and high schools as well as online if you would like to fill them out in advance of each event. To save time, you could print the needed information on labels and stick the label to the voucher.

Payment vouchers will be collected at each event by the event manager, coach, and/or activities director. Blank forms will also be available at each event; if not completed ahead of time. The vouchers collected will be given to the buildings Business Secretary and then submitted to the District’s Business Services department for payment processing. Your payment will not be processed until the bank form and current W-9 have been received.

The school district values the services you provide to our students and sincerely hopes to continue our positive relationship.

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact Christina Peterson at 920-997-1399 ext. 2034 or email.