Update on High School Fall Sports Season

Update on High School Fall Sports Season
Posted on 08/17/2020
Dear AASD Families and Students,
At last week’s school board meeting, the difficult decision was made to begin our school year in a fully virtual model due to ongoing safety and health concerns that were outlined at the meeting. While we are starting the school year in a fully virtual model, our number one goal is to return to in-person learning as soon as possible. To assist us in doing so, we made the decision on Friday to take advantage of the WIAA’s alternate fall season, which will take place in the spring. The WIAA plan also provides the opportunity for student-athletes to take part in all three sports seasons. This plan helps to minimize the risk to our students, staff and community while our community remains in the High category.  
We fully understand that this decision is a major disappointment for our student- athletes who were preparing for their upcoming fall sports season, but we also firmly believe that it is the right decision at this time. The decision to move all fall sports to the alternate spring season was made, in part, to send a strong, consistent message to our students, staff, families and community that we will make it through this difficult time together, and that we are committed to getting back to in-person instruction as soon as possible. Once we are able to return to school face to face, it will also allow opportunities for students to pursue their co-curricular passions that are so important to them.  
We appreciate that there will be many differing perspectives and feelings regarding the decision to take advantage of the WIAA’s alternate fall season.  Please know that our efforts are focused on getting the 2020-21 academic school year off to a successful start.  While this year will provide additional uncharted waters to navigate, we know that we will always be better together.