Learning Model Re-Evaluation

AASD Learning Model Re-Evaluation Matrix
View our criteria, targeted benchmarks, and current status in the links below.
8-28 (PDF) 9-2 (PDF) 9-9 (PDF) 9-16 (PDF) 9-23 (PDF)  9-30 (PDF)
10-7 (PDF) 10-14 (PDF) 10-21 (PDF)      
Learning Model Re-Evaluation Matrix Background Information
View our weekly burden, trajectory, and composite indicators in the links below.
8-28 (PDF) 9-2 (PDF) 9-9 (PDF) 9-16 (PDF) 9-23 (PDF) 9-30 (PDF)
10-7 (PDF) 10-14 (PDF) 10-21 (PDF)      

This week's Learning Model Re-Evaluation Matrix

City of Appleton Covid-19 Information

Department of Health Services COVID-19: Activity Level by Region and County

What Can I Do to Help Students Return to School
We must all do our part to improve the health of our community. Wear a face covering, maintain social distancing protocols, avoid large gatherings of people, stay at home when you're not feeling well, and wash your hands frequently. By following these simple health guidelines, you will be helping your family and our Appleton school community. Find out more preventative measures from the Centers for Disease Control.

We provide this information so that you may track and trend our progress as a community. We ask you to take the necessary steps to improve these numbers. It is up to all of us. Our children belong in our schools and improving these community health indicators provides the greatest likelihood that we will be able to achieve that goal in the near future.