Safe & Resilient Return

Safe and Resilient

Our plans have changed. Instead of starting school on September 1st under the two different in-person models (Hybrid for grades 5 - 12 and Fully In-person for grades EC - 4), all AASD students will start the year in an enhanced fully virtual model. We will analyze data weekly with a three-week data trend being the point for re-evaluation to determine when in-person can resume. This was unanimously approved by the Board of Education on Wednesday evening.

View the presentation here. View the meeting here.

We realize this will be a disappointment for families who planned on an in-person experience. It is disappointing to us as well. We worked extremely hard to find a way to get students back in school. We remain committed to getting students back in the schools as soon as safely possible because that is where they thrive the best. Our survey data has shown that most families prefer to be back in-person at school. We know that your children miss their teachers and other educators and that your children are anxious to return to school.

We have known that we will need to be flexible throughout this pandemic and prepared for all scenarios as we look ahead, not just to the fall, but to the entire school year. We appreciate your continued patience as we now all prepare to start the school year online. We want to be able to provide the best possible start to the school year for all of our students and ensure continuity and consistency in our virtual approach. Over the past several weeks, we have received a tremendous amount of feedback from our families and our students. Strong themes have emerged, including a desire for increased engagement, more access to synchronous learning experiences, and more access to our educators. 

The times when staff will be available to students will likely vary by level and that information will be shared with you very soon. Teachers will have the flexibility to work one-on-one with students at times that work best for students and their families. Wednesdays will continue to be a day for independent online learning for students, with opportunities for small group intervention and enrichment while staff spend time collaborating, participating in professional development, and continuing to plan for the transition to in-person instruction. The need to dedicate time and resources to make improvements to virtual instruction cannot be understated and we are committed to supporting our teachers in that effort.

We know that the decision to start the year virtually was a relief to some and has caused great anxiety and frustration for others. Please let me emphasize again that all of us-- the Board, administrators, teachers, and support staff -- want our children back in our schools. Until that time comes, we are working to provide an enhanced and superior virtual experience to what we offered with little notice or preparation time in the spring. 

We will also provide opportunities for community building and connections while caring for the social and emotional well-being of every student. We know a virtual learning experience can’t replace what happens in our schools, but we can make it the best one available as we continue to navigate these challenging times. 

To start the 2020-21 year we have an opportunity to deliver instruction in new and different ways in safer learning environments. Regardless of what the new year holds, our teachers are prepared to provide a high-quality and personalized experience for each student and family. 

Thank you for continuing to partner with us as we start another successful school year!

Dr. Judith Baseman


Check out our Frequently Asked Questions. This document will continue to be updated and may change as decisions and plans are finalized.

What could in-person (fully in-person or hybrid) look like for my student?

See the below links for a snapshot of a typical day by level.

Early Childhood-4K (includes Fully Virtual Model information)

Elementary (includes Fully Virtual Model information)


High School

We also want to remind our families that we will need to be flexible and prepared for all scenarios as we look ahead, not just to the fall, but to the entire school year. Even with an approved framework, it may need to be altered based on external factors in our community or at the recommendation of city, county, or state officials.

After the school year begins we may also have to transition quickly between scenarios if there are outbreaks in a particular classroom or a particular school that require fully virtual learning for a period of time, as designated by our City Health Officer.


Watch the August 12 Board Meeting here.

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