In-Person Expectations

Click here for our full  2021-2022 School Year Mitigation Protocols for Students and Families

Masks/face coverings are required for all students, EC-12, all district staff, and all visitors while indoors within district facilities and while on district transportation. Masks/face coverings outdoors continue to be optional. 

Co-curricular Winter Mitigation Strategy as of November 3, 2021
For all AASD Co-Curricular activities, which include athletics and performing arts, participants will be allowed to go mask optional while actively engaging in exertion activities. This will include practices, rehearsals, games, performances, conditioning and fitness room activities both before and after school.

Co-Curricular coaches, advisors, spectators, game staff and all students not directly involved in the game, performance or exertion activity must remain masked if they are not actively participating in the event.

How does the AASD define a face-covering/mask?
The face-covering/mask is a barrier (made of cloth or other approved material) that is worn over the mouth and nose for the purpose of reducing viral transmission. Neck gaiters will be allowed. Mesh masks/lace masks are not allowed.

Face shields will not be allowed for students unless approved as part of the Medical Accommodation Form or IEP. Please reach out to your child’s school principal(s) directly if you have questions regarding the process.

Who will determine whether a face-covering meets district expectations?
The school principal, in collaboration with the school nurse, will determine whether a face-covering/mask meets district guidelines. 

Will neck gaiter/face coverings be allowed?

Can students wear face shields instead of a mask?
Face shields will not be allowed for students unless approved as part of the Medical Accommodation Form or IEP.

Can students wear face shields in addition to masks?
If a family would like to provide their child with a face shield in addition to wearing a mask, that is their choice.

Is the AASD supplying masks? 
Students and staff are able to utilize their own face coverings from home.  However, AASD will be providing face coverings to students and staff that may not have access to one.

Will my child be exempt from wearing a mask? 
Individual determinations will be made based on a student’s unique circumstances and health conditions as documented through the Medical Accommodation Form or IEP.  Please reach out to your child’s school principal(s) directly if you have questions regarding the process.

Will students get time to have their masks off?
Yes, there are periods of the day in which students would not be wearing a mask (meals, outdoor recess and outdoor mask breaks).

Can teachers wear a face shield?
Staff face coverings will be worked out based on individual needs as well as the type of work the staff member is doing (ex. Speech-Language Pathologist). 

Will students have to wear face coverings/masks at recess or during PE?
Outdoors masking is optional.

How are staff going to ensure that everyone keeps their masks on and follow physical distancing? 
Just as expectations for showing Safe, Responsible, and Respectful behaviors in all areas of the school are taught and reinforced by staff throughout the school year using our Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) program, teachers will reinforce the expectations regarding safe practices regarding face coverings/masks, physical distancing, hand washing, etc.

Your school should have plenty of hand sanitizer for everyone. Look for hand sanitizer stations in various places around the building, and feel free to use it regularly. Students should wash their hands with soap and water after using the restroom, after lunch, and after recess or P.E. The more you wash your hands, the more you improve your chances of staying safe. 

Daily symptom self-screening
will be expected for all students and staff prior to coming to school. Families will be asked to continue to be vigilant in checking the health of their students each morning.

If your student displays symptoms while at school, they will be sent to the health office/area and will mask until they can be picked up. Families can contact the school nurse for PCR testing options.


  • Unvaccinated AASD siblings/household members of a positive case will be required to quarantine.
  • Asymptomatic AASD siblings/household members of a positive case who provide documentation that they are fully vaccinated are not required to quarantine. 
  • AASD siblings/household members of a positive case who are not vaccinated must use the 7-10 day quarantine guidance (from the last date of contact) for return to school and school activities.
  • After day 10 without testing
  • After day 7 after receiving a negative PCR test result (test must occur on day 5 or later)

Update 9/7: The AASD is working with a state-assigned testing vendor. This vendor is in the process of setting up our PCR testing sites and process. More information regarding testing site locations will be shared soon.

Using the testing resources provided through the state, our goal is to offer both in school and in the home testing options for staff and students, depending upon the assigned vendor.

We plan to offer diagnostic PCR testing for symptomatic staff and students beginning with the start of the 2021-22 school year. We will continue to work to eliminate barriers to timely access to testing for both students and staff.

Schools will work to find opportunities to encourage and promote physical distancing whenever possible to reduce the chances of spreading the virus. 

Schools will orient classrooms and desks to maximize distance, aiming for 6 feet whenever possible, or create smaller group clusters or pods. It’s still not time for hugs or high fives. But you can greet your friends and your teachers with a wave … or a nod… or an air high five. 

Check out these tips for the most hygienic way to deal with sneezing and coughing with a mask on.

Visitors are expected to follow district policy regarding self-screening before coming into buildings. Outside groups will be able to use school facilities when students are not in classes and upon approval of mitigation strategies. Masks are required for all visitors while in schools and other AASD buildings.


  • The District will continue to make hand hygiene stations available throughout our buildings. 
  • Disinfecting wipes will be available. Additional disinfecting of desks and surfaces will take place.
  • No quarantine of classroom materials/LMC materials/tech equipment will be implemented.
  • Hand-touch water fountains will be disabled. Touchless bottle fillers will be available. Students are encouraged to bring a labeled water bottle to use while at school.
  • Upgraded filters in air handlers and increase in the frequency of air circulation from outside.
  • Lunch will be eaten within the lunchroom or in other areas that the school has used previously that can accommodate physical distancing (at least 3 feet or podding).

If we do all of these things, if we look out for ourselves and each other, we can keep each other safe and healthy throughout the school day.