Appleton Charter Schools

Charter schools are public, nonsectarian schools created through a contract or "charter" between the operators and sponsoring school board. The Wisconsin charter school law gives charter schools freedom from most state rules and regulations in exchange for greater accountability for results. The charter defines the missions and methods of charter school; the chartering authority (school board) holds the school accountable to its charter.

Charter schools encourage innovation and creativity in their approach to providing additional educational options for parents and their children.

Charter schools in Appleton are all unique in their mission and offer various programming such as environmental education; engineering; fine arts; Montessori education - to name a few.

Charter School Facts

• Charter schools are tuition free and enrollment is voluntary
• They have the flexibility to design and deliver innovative curriculum in nontraditional ways in order to meet the needs of participating students
• They may not discriminate in admissions, programs, or activities
• Students take state tests required of other public school students
• Teachers are certified and licensed by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
• Staff are district employees and subject to all district policies and regulations

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Why do we have Charter Schools?

The Appleton Area School District (AASD) is currently operating 13 successful charter schools with an enrollment of approximately 3,000 students. The AASD recognized the need for charter schools through conversations with parents and students, outreach to local and statewide communities, and the knowledge that the traditional classroom does not always meet the needs of all students.

Our charter school students generate state aids just as traditional students do. The AASD has encouraged the growth of charter schools to better meet the diverse needs of its students at no additional cost to the district. We believe our community desires alternative choices in learning; these options strengthen our total district program.

Why Do We Have Charter Schools? - English
Why Do We Have Charter Schools? - Hmong
Why Do We Have Charter Schools? - Spanish

Many students receive notification of approval to enroll in a charter school. However, different factors are taken into account that may prohibit acceptance into the AASD. Your child’s enrollment, therefore, will not be official until accepted by the District for open enrollment. Notification of the District’s decision is sent to families the first week of June. Your child’s spot at the charter school will be held until that time if you accept the position in the charter school now.